How to use IPECS 300
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How to use IPECS 300

  How to make a Call  
  To call an outside number: Dial 0 access code for 1st available line  
  To call another station:
Dial telephone number Dial station number or press programmed DSS Key  
  How to Answer a Call  
  Lift handset or press Speaker  
  How to Transfer a Call  
  Press Trans/Pgm & dial ext no. Or press DSS key
Announce caller [optional] Replace handset
  How To Park Calls  
  Press Trans/Pgm button
Dial 601-619 or press programmed DSS key
Replace the handset
  To Retrieve Parked Calls  
  Dial 601-610 or press programmed DSS key  
  Placing a call on hold  
  System Hold: Press Hold/SaveButton once  
  Exclusive Hold: Press Hold/Save Button twice  
  Retrieving a held call  
  Press flashing line or call key  
  Internal All Call Page #3 Lift handset, Dial Paging Code or  
  External Page #5 press programmed flex key  
  Directed Call Pick-up  
  To Answer Call ringing at another station Dial *7 & ringing station number or dial *7 & press programmed DSS key  
  Group Call Pick-up  
  To Answer unattended Phone within your group Press Soft Key OR Dial **  
  Last Number Redial  
  The last 100 dialled & received calls are listed. Press the Log button (soft key). When last number is displayed, Scroll up and down using the navigator wheel. When number has been located, press Send button to dial.  
  Do Not Disturb  
  To turn this feature on or off Press DND button  
  *Ring Type  
  To Change Ring Type Press TRANS/PGM button and dial 1
Dial 1 – 1 Intercom Ring
Dial 2 – 2 External Ring
Dial ring tone no’s 1-8 Once ring tone has been chosen, press Hold/Save
  Call Forward
To direct calls that come to your telephone to another extension when your telephone is busy and/or when you are unable to answer your telephone
  1. To Set Call Forward Pickup Handset or press speaker Dial 554  
  2. Select Forward Type Dial
1- Unconditional
2- On Busy
3- No Answer
4- Busy/No Answer
  3. Choose fwd Destination
Internal Forward OR
External Forward
Dial extension number or
Press DSS btn or
Dial Hunt Group no. for voicemail
Press Speed Button and dial speed bin number
  To Cancel Call Forward  
  Dial 554 #  
  To Place a Callback Call busy extension, Press MSG then hang up.
When busy extension hangs up, you will be signalled. Answer the signal by lifting the handset or pressing Speaker, the station you called will be signalled
  To Establish a 3-Way Conference Call desired party, press Conf button (Soft Key), the called party is put on exclusive hold. Call the next party, press Confbutton twice.  
  Station Speed Dial
To make a personal directory of the 100 external numbers that you call most often
  To program Press Dirbutton (Soft Key)
Press Speed button (Soft Key)
Press Add button (Soft Key)
Dial speed number bin 000-099
Dial ‘0’ Dial phone number to be stored Press
Hold / Save button Enter name for dial by name Press
Hold / Save
  System Speed Dial
Depending on the size of your Aria System, you can store up to 800 frequently called telephone numbers. These numbers may be accessed by all extensions in the system.
  Program From Attendant Station Only Press Dirbutton (Soft Key)
Press Speed button (Soft Key)
Press Add button (Soft Key)
Dial speed bin no. 2000-3499
Dial ‘0’ Dial phone number to be stored Press
Hold/Save button Enter name for dial by name
Press Hold/Save
  To Dial Press DIR, Press SPEED
Dial relevant bin number
  To Erase Press DIR, Press SPEED
Dial Bin number to be erased Press Add, dial bin no. Press Hold/Save button
  Codes for Storing Dial by Name A=2 B=22 C=222 D=3 E=33 F=333 G=4 H=44 I=444 J=5 K=55 L=555 M=6 N=66 O=666 P=7 Q=77 R=777 S=7777 T=8 U=88 V=888 W=9 X=99 Y=999 Z=9999 Space = right arrow on wheel Backspace = DND button  
  Phone Directory  
  To Scroll through phone directory Press DirbuttonSelect one of the following: Dial
1. Private (personal)
a. Public (system)
b. Station View (stn no’s)
Scroll up and down using the navigator. When the appropriate name has been located, then press the OK or Send button (soft key) to dial number
  *Program Flexible Button  
  STEP 1. Press Trans/Pgm buttonPress Flexible button  
  STEP 2. Choose relevant code
Station Numbers - DSS Call Park
Speed Dial Number
Dial Station No. & Hold/Save
Dial 601-619 & Hold/Save
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Speed + Bin No. & Hold/Save

  STEP 3 Press Speaker button to exit programming mode  
  System Clock Set  
  Prgram from the Attendant Station only Press Trans/Pgm ButtonDial 041
Press Hold/Save Button
Enter Time as HHMM (24 hr clock) eg: 1435 = 2.35pm Press
Hold/Save Button
  Naming Stations  
  Prgram from the Attendant Station only Press Trans/Pgmbutton.
Dial 071 Enter Station Number
Enter name using key pad Press
Hold/Save button
  • SPEED button provides you with access to speed dialling.
  • TRANS/PGM button is used to transfer an outside call from one station to another. This button is also used to access programming modes.
  • PGM button is used to get into programming mode.
  • CALLBK (Callback) button allows you to leave a Callback indication at a station that is busy, unattended or in Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • CONF button is used to establish conference calls.
  • DND/FWD button activates and deactivates ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. This button also allows you to forward your calls to another destination.
  • MUTE button allows you to switch the built in microphone on or off when using the speakerphone or the handset microphone when using the handset.
  • SPEAKER button enables you to make a phone call without lifting handset. It turns the telephone on and off when using the speakerphone.
  • HOLD/SAVE button enables you to place an outside caller on hold. This button is also used to save programming changes and redial last numbers and speed dial numbers from the phone directory.
  • REDIAL allows you to make last number redial and auto call number redial.
  • 6VOLUME5 bar allows you to adjust ring volume, speakerphone and handset volume.
  • NAVIGATOR control allows access to phonebook and programming menu. Navigator arrows allow scrolling through menus etc.
  • SOFT KEYS Three soft keys are located under the LCD display of your telephone. These keys work in conjunction with fixed and flexible features.
  • DSS KEYS Pre-programmed station or extension buttons

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