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Mobile App Development

Why Do I Need a Mobile App?
Mobile apps are no longer an option, but have become imperative for small businesses seeking to establish a digital presence and connect seamlessly with their customers. Having your own mobile app provides several advantages including increased customer loyalty, better communication, increased market presence, business process automation and brand recall. It also gives you a competitive edge over rivals.

What Sets Apart B2BComz' Mobile App Development Service?
While organizations that offer mobile app development services are a dime a dozen, we stand apart by not merely viewing this as a service, but being your guide and partner in success.
The following attributes enable us to provide a unique value proposition to our customers looking to have their own mobile apps: 
SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COSTS: Developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android can be expensive. We use an innovative, proprietary rapid-app development platform that enables us to keep costs very low while offering you features that only native apps can provide. Your total cost of ownership will work out to be a fraction of what it generally costs to build native apps through conventional methods.
QUICK TURN-AROUND TIME: While the typical app delivery time run into months, though our rapid app development process we are able to cut this down to weeks, or even days, depending on the complexity of your app. This translates to lower costs and shorter go-to-market time so you can start reaping the benefits of having your own app much sooner instead of playing catch up with your competitors.
NO OVERHEADS: Outsourcing your mobile app development or even developing in-house usually involves significant overheads. Overheads could include the cost of the business analysts involved in the consulting and requirements gathering, project managers who would manage the application development and quality analysts who would test your app. These are typically billed separately and sometimes comprise the bulk of a budget. Our unique development process mitigates the need for these functions enabling us to provide these free of cost. You are only billed on a subscription model based on the app development costs.
FOCUS ON SMALL BUSINESS: With the majority of our existing client base comprising of small businesses, we have a unique insight into the needs of small businesses. We understand the challenges faced by small businesses and believe a mobile strategy can especially help small business overcome these challenges and grow. Unlike larger providers of mobile app development services, we value our small business clients and ensure they receive the attention they deserve.
COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTING: We understand that a mobile app is only part of a solution for the results you wish to achieve from having a digital presence. We therefore guide you on a range of aspects to maximize and optimize your digital presence, all as part of our mobile app development methodology.
MULTI-DOMAIN CAPABILITY: We are capable of developing apps for multiple domains, including restaurants, real estate, online ordering, education, hair salons and so on.

How Does All This Work?

We don’t just develop your mobile apps, we provide an end-to-end solution and guidance to establish or re-invigorate your digital outreach to your intended audience. Our customers can expect us to initially identify gaps or inefficiencies in their digital presence and subsequently provide solutions to mitigate and resolve these gaps. Your mobile apps will constitute a key component of this strategy.
Our methodology usually comprises of the following phases, which can be tweaked based on your unique requirements or circumstances:
1. COMPETITOR & DIGITAL PRESENCE ANALYSIS: This is done to determine how your digital presence stacks up against your competitors. We evaluate your digital footprint and will deliver a report with our findings at the end of this phase and discuss ways to overcome any shortcomings. We can even directly address some of these issues for you!
2. REQUIREMENTS GATHERING:  This is a key phase done to understand what you’re looking for in a mobile app. We will document your requirements and provide design templates. During this phase, we will also advise you on the feasibility of implementing these requirements in a mobile app and finalize the project scope.
3. DEVELOPMENT & TESTING: This is where we create your application based on your specifications and ensure it is bug-free. We will keep you updated on progress on a frequent basis.
4. JOINT APP REVIEW: We will review a prototype of the app with you to ensure it does not deviate from what you have in mind.
5. APP PUBLISHING: Once you have signed-off on the prototype and your app is ready in all respects, we will publish it on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and if required, as a mobile-friendly HTML5 website. You can then spread the word so your customers can start downloading and using your apps.

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